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Working With SSL Certificate Warning in MVC 5 Application

This article explains the accessibility of OAuth 2.0 in the ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Application. We can use various types of external authentication providers like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter in MVC 5 applications to log in. In the same context, I am very excited to describe that now you will not receive any type of SSL Certificate warnings when you enable SSL for the MVC application. Previously while enabling the SSL in the MVC application, the browser like IE, Chrome and Firefox showed a SSL Certificate warning. You can refer to Working with Facebook in MVC and check out in the Step 8 of Creating and Working with Facebook App as in the following screenshot: With the use of the following article you will not receive the SSL Certificate Warning in most browsers including IE and Chrome. Firefox will show the warning because Firefox uses its own certificate store, so it will display the warning. We'll see it later in this article. So, let's develop the appl
Google finally reveals Android N’s name   Google has finally revealed the name of its next Android version. And as widely speculated, Android N is not Nutella -- it's Nougat . At this year's Google I/O developer conference in May, the search giant announced a contest to name the upcoming Android version, dubbed as Android N. Android versions are named after popular desserts. The latest version Android Nougat is based after a popular dessert which originated in Europe.   Google CEO Sundar Pichai earlier this year hinted that an Indian delight could be in the offing as a nickname,But its not Indian Origin dessert Hope for the Next version Android O Android Name in Alphabet Order with sweet Name D - Donut E - Eclair F - Froyo G - Gingerbread H -  Honeycombo I - Ice cream Sandwich J - Jellybean K - Kitkat L - Lollipop M - Marshmallow N - Nougat